My husband Michael’s season at our curling club had come to a close in the winter of 2010. However , he was asked to throw lead in the ‘B’ flight final. He showed up at the club at the required time, went to get dressed for the game and discovered that his shoes were not in his curling bag. This is ten minutes or so before the game was to begin. He notified the team that he would miss the first end, jumped in his van and headed for home. On the way he was stopped by a Kingston patrolman for going 100 Kms. in a 50 Kms. per hour zone. Having his insurance and driver’s license in hand when the officer appeared at his driver’s door window he said” I’ve got a good story but I don’t know if it is good enough!” Upon reciting his situation to the policeman he was told, “ I just returned from working at the Vancouver Olympics and watched most of the curling games. I’m thinking of curling myself next year. Okay, hurry home but slow down!”
My husband retrieved his shoes from home, sped back to the club and was ready for the second end of play. — And who was sitting behind the glass watching? Said policeman making sure he hadn’t been handed a totally bogus story! So — no ticket, and by the way, —- his team gave up three in the last end to lose by one. Cheers!