On January 1981 a fortune teller told me I would not get my green sweater this year but next year you will get your green sweater. In January 1982 my team won the PEI provincial Scotties my green sweater was now on the way and the trip to Regina was been booked. We left the tournament club and went to our home club for the celebration, I’m not a drinker so my choice of drink was coke we were laughing and celebrating in fine style when I fell off the bar stool to the floor the story started that I was inebriated everyone had a great time teasing me for years. My husband says it’s time to go home now so home we went I woke up the next day with my Scotties hat and scarf still on. I had taken friday off from work then I had to phone my boss on sunday night to tell him I was to play in the final on monday and would be in on tuesday morning. When I arrived there on tuesday I was told to go see the boss I said of course I think he wants to congratulate me he never did congratulate me but he did fire me. I was crying and getting call from my team mates telling me how thier bosses and colleagues were celebrating with them.