I was playing in a MS Charity Bonspiel and after the game everyone drew a question that you would need to standup and answer in front of everyone. I drew Who I Admire the Most. Without hesitation I stood up and said my son, Lanny Rogers. Lanny was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) when he was 14. The tumor was in his leg below the knee. He was given a 20% chance of survival, Terry Fox had the same cancer.
Our family was devastated with this news, how could a healthy 14 year old who was very active in sports have this disease? Through some counselling we were lucky to be chosen by Make A Wish to go to Disney World in Florida for a week all expenses paid. We jumped at the chance knowing this could be our last trip as a family with our oldest son. When we returned it was recommended that Lanny should have chemo to shrink the tumor. The plan was he could get a bone transplant to repair his leg. During Kimo Lanny gained weight which was odd and lost his hair. The night before the operation they took an xray and found the tumor had grown into his knee. Now that changed the whole operation, Lanny was faced with either having a straight leg or having a Vaness Procedure which they attach the foot on backwards to where the knee was to act as a knee joint. The foot would then fit into a prosthetic leg. Doing the ladder he would go through months of rehab.

He chose the Vaness Procedure and worked his butt off so he could walk again. A few months went by and the cancer attacked his lungs which he had to get the lower lobes removed. What else could go wrong, he’s endured everything that was thrown at him. Lanny worked so hard, he began skating and joined the Canadian Amputee Hockey Team, it was awesome. He also plays golf and baseball and tried Curling but was to difficult. He took a Microsoft Certification Course and was in the top of his class. He’s now married, 3 healthy children and works for a company overseeing their Computer Network. Lanny is truly my hero, our miracle child who fought the odds and won. There wasn’t a dry eye at the Bonspiel.