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The Weekend I Became Curling Fan

Judy Galbraith

February 6, 2023

My brother has always been a big sports fan and would watch curling with enthusiasm on tv but had never attended a live match. As an older brother he is generous with his sisters and as he was having a “Big Number” birthday we decided to treat him to tickets to the brier in Kingston, Ontario in 2020. I didn’t ever really watch much, but my sister and I and John all went to Kingston for the weekend. To My Surprise, we had a fantastic weekend, and its the weekend I became a curling fan. I had no idea the strategy, the heartbreak, the skill, the fun of being there and watching it live. Four rinks playing simultaneously, where do we watch? I’m focused on one rink and then a cheer from the crowd and another fantastic shot on a different rink. We didn’t miss a game. We were absorbed in the electricity of the crowd. True curling lovers. Watching Brad Gushue and all the teams was so much fun. Post covid, yes we three will be in London. If you have never been, you are truly missing something special. The comradery of the fans, you feel the excitement of the game but a sense that everyone there is watching or playing something they love. Big enough to be exciting yet small enough to still feel special.