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Volunteer at Toronto Hope – 2019

Marjorie Johnson

February 1, 2021

It was my honour to assist the organizers of the Toronto Hope, Christine, Heather and Shawnessy at their first Toronto Hope event at East York in 2019.

Although I am an avid recreational curler (senior) I chose to help with the operational events on the special day!!! I was the lady running around picking up last minute items to ensure our hardworking fundraisers had a super time.

Curling is a great sport but the social side of the game is as important as the competition itself. As everyone knows, important aspects of the game include shoes, brooms, sliders, rocks, etc. BUT, who knew that “Bailey’s” was so important too!!! One of my trips was to LCBO every early in the morning to replenish the stock – and we are talking large bottles!!!!