To this day, volunteering at the Brier in St. John’s, NL in 2017 was the most exciting, challenging, memorable event. This was only the second time the Brier had ever been in NL. Volunteering in the media section I got to see alot of curlers, get lots of pics, and enjoyed plenty of awesome curling.

Volunteering for this was a bit out of my comfort zone, having to drive the highway late at night when going home by myself, having to leave my car parked in a mall lot, get a shuttle bus back and forth from Mile One.  Even at midnight, downtown St. John’s, I was very nervous but still wanted to volunteer.

I remember the last night, when the winner was crowned. I had to boot it down to the bus shuttle. I got on board, not realizing it was the wrong one, but the female driver said no worries, I’ll get you to your car. The passengers were all cheering excitedly over Team Gushue’s win! It was crazy! She dropped everyone at the scheduled stop, then proceeded to the Village Mall to drop me off, I was the only other person on the bus. She asked me where my car was, she then drove the bus right up alongside my car, let me out, and stayed till I got in my car and had it started. I thought, wow, she didn’t have to do that, but she did! I never forget that!

I also lost my cell phone the first day, thankfully it was picked up and bought to the lost and found, and still working. I took so many pictures with that phone. I made new friends in the media section, from St. John’s and from Ottawa. Still stay in touch.

Watching my favorite team, Team Gushue win their first Brier on home is, to this day, the best sporting moment of my life. I hope the Brier comes back to NL.

BTW I have my cardboard cutout purchased for the upcoming Calgary curling bubble, can’t wait for all the curling. I attach a pic of me in my volunteer attire and a pic of my cardboard cutout. Love curling❤🥌❤