My story starts with how very excited I was to receive my full event tickets for the Brier in Newfoundland in 2017…… I wanted for years to see the Brier in person and this year was the year….. I travelled to my daughters in St. John’s to stay for the Brier and was very excited….. the nite the Games started I was dropped off at the Mile One and headed to my seat to start my adventure. Well, little did I know that the seat would be used very little , I absolutely never had the patience to sit for any longer than 10 mins and on the big shots …. I just couldn’t look…. I spent more time walking the floor in the hallways than I did watching the games, the final was listened to from the hallways of the Mile One except for the final rock … I just had to see it and forced myself to go back to my seat and watch…… the most nerve wracking event I ever attended ….. lol