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Curling Day in Canada


Cindy May

January 19, 2021

I have attended many of  Tim Hortons Briers cheering on my team with pride. I scream, I sing, I dance, I close my eyes tight, I laugh, I almost cry, I drink coffee, I party all week. GO GUSHUE GO!

At the beginning of every game I stand amongst many flags looking toward one large flag. We all stand and sing the Canadian National Anthem with pride. I look around the room and at all the curlers. It doesn’t matter who we are cheering for. We are one! We are Canadians. The Brier brings forth Canadian Patriotism at it’s finest. The Tim Hortons Brier gives me a cultural attachment of being a Canadian amongst a room full of Canadians.

My story is a salute to the Tim Horton’s Brier for bringing Canadians together.