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We love to curl at Lancaster Curling Club

November 6, 2020

I was introduced to the sport of curling as a spectator at the Ottawa Brier in 2001 and was just so entertained by the interaction between fans and players. I remember thinking what other sport would you find this crazy closeness. It was just the neatest thing.

I’ve only taken up the sport six years ago at our local curling rink. The Lancaster and District Curling Club is now my home away from home. It wasn’t long after I started that I, along with another club member, were asked to take on the organization of one of our yearly bonspiels. It had always been called the Birthday Bonspiel, so being it was in January, what better birthday to celebrate than the birthday of Robbie Burns.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was simply amazed and amused with the participation of our tartan-clothed members. Every year since, I’ve had a different theme. Canada’s 150th celebration bonspiel was super neat and heart-warming. All of our provinces and territories were represented and they all came together to sing our national anthem at the end of the fun-filled day.

Olympic year, same outstanding response. Young and old and in between played in the spirit of the Olympics Games.

Last year we had a Birthday theme; teams were organized according to their birth month, some teams of course were weak and some strong, but I had no complaints, just enthusiasm. It was all about the birthday cakes in the end anyway.

Most recently Black and White was the theme, we had Penguins, who I have to say felt right at home on the ice, along with Panda Bears, Pirates, Jailbirds, Skunks and a few others. I have to say this time around, I had no doubt whatsoever what to expect, I knew they would come dressed in their best blacks and whites and be ready to take on their fellow members in a few great games of curling.

It’s because of this wonderful participation of our members, year after year, no matter the theme that made me want to submit my personal story. I get it now, that day in Ottawa in 2001. It’s the neatest thing. We Love to Curl at Lancaster Curling Club.