Growing up my son tried a ton of sports; Tae Kwon Do, judo, t all, soccer, swimming,football to name a few and didn’t have any interest in them. But we stuck them all out for their respective seasons

When my son was about 8 or 10 One I saw an advertisement for a junior curling program and asked him if he would like to give it a try. He was a little nervous and said “but what if I don’t like it“?

I told his if he didn’t like it he didn’t have to continue going that I just wanted him to go down for one day to try it out. When we arrived we discovered that he was actually a little to young for their program. But because I worked with the institute she said to let him try and that if he took the instruction and could handle the stones they would let him stay. Well after throwing somewhere between 50-100 stones that day he was hooked. I could tell by the grin on his face and how hard he was trying to learn that he loved it. When leaving I asked him if he liked it and he said he couldn’t wait to come back. The following month we were heading to Halifax so he buy his first broom with his own money

Over the years he changed clubs so he could curl competitively. He has curled at provincials as well as at many local tournaments. When he graduated high school he continued to curl with the adult leagues and also help to instruct the juniors.

We were lucky enough to get to see team Canada play Norway at the Breuer. Unfortunately they lost but our front row seats did not disappoint. We also attended the Pintys grand slam where we discovered Mark Kennedy is his curling twin. When we asked to take a picture he said why cause that’s my twin

Reece has since joined the Ames forces and had been posted to Cold Lake. He has started curling again this year and the first thing he asked was if the was a junior program he could help out with. Unfortunately there is not.

I’m glad my boy was able to find a sport he loved as I believe the kind people involved in this sport helped to mould him into the fine young man he has become. I miss watching him curl and can’t wait till he is at it again