My husband Leo ,our friend Claudette and I started out for St. John’s Nl to attend the Briar March 4th to
March 12 2017. We were prepared for a long week tickets in hand for every game. We attended each and every game, some days not leaving the arena even to go for a walk. We met some many interesting people even ran into some old friends.

Next to the winning shot of the Briar made by team Gushue which was phenomenal to be witness to. We had an unexped experience, we got up one morning to head out to the rink about a 5 min drive, it was snowing, they were saying people should stay off the road if possible, we thought it doesn’t look that bad, we didn’t come all this way to stay home so off we went. Well the trip was an experience, we saw parts of roofs blown off, street lights hanging off , we considered turning back but no , on we went, arrived finally and found a parking spot and almost blew away getting to the arena.
We were certainly surprised to see that a lot of people felt as we did we wanted to watch curling. During the day we got updated on the weather outside. Not good but we were inside ,warm , canteen open so being fed, then the unthinkable happened in the middle of a game. The power went out, did anyone panic nope , everyone took out their phone and turned on the lights until the generator kicked in for emergency power, then we settled in to wait . Then all of a sudden a capacity filled arena broke into song, no going home here its party time and what a time it was.

It was a couple of hours before curling got underway again as ice had to be shaved in spots and all cleaned again.

If I remember well it was around midnight when the days curling was completed and as we were all leaving there was not one person complaining , all I heard was ‘ now wasn’t that a grand day, or we won’t forget this one will we’ ??

Everyone smiling and saying , see you all tomorrow.

One lady next too us said,

Next time someone asks you ” Where were you when the lights went out, we will be able to say, at the Briar in St. John’s Newfoundland, and what a time it was” Everyone around applauded and cheered ….. but not as loud as we all cheered when TEAM GUSHUE WON THE BRIAR AT HOME IN NLon March 12 2017.

The celebrating began, , hooting and hollering, the building shook . It was hours I’m sure before people started to leave, and the parting continued all around the the city for days to come.